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Interview Harjinder Singh Kukreja, Digital Influencer with over 1,2mio Twitter followers

written by gregor April 10, 2018

Hey everyone, I’m Greg Sideris and today I’m talking with Harjinder Singh Kukreja. Harjinder is the creator and owner of one of the most inspiring accounts on Twitter (@SinghLions) with over 1,2 million total followers and has a total Social Media Reach of over 15 million unique users per week! Harjinder is an avid traveller who loves exploring the world.

In this interview we would like to know more about yourself and get some Tips for people who would like to start & grow as a Digital Influencer especially on Twitter


Question: With all your travels How do you structure your days?

I am a full-time business person with a variety of business interests from plywood manufacturing to restaurants and real estate. Travel is my passion and I travel abroad once every quarter.


Q: What are your favorite books or movies on Travel and Photography?

No favorites books and movies on travel. Twitter and Instagram are my sources of information.


Now let’s talk about Twitter a bit,…


Q: What tools do you find indispensable for accomplishing Twitter growth?

Creating unique content and offering indispensable value through your tweets is of key value and that’s my Twitter tool!


Q: Who are your biggest influencers on Twitter? Who do you admire most?

My biggest influencers are not accounts but keywords like travel, tourism, humanity, love, Sikh and a few others. I admire everyone and anyone who is adds some unique value and information and is able to amaze me at the moment I’m online!


Q: What is still your biggest challenge on Twitter?

I think with the Tweet characters increasing from 140 to 280, something I have truly benefited from, I think there’s no challenge that I experience on Twitter. It’s a platform which allows me to contribute on the planet and is a solution to challenges.


Q: What surprising lessons have you learned along the way to become Digital famous?

The surprising lesson is that it’s great to be famous, but it also comes with a great responsibility. One cannot be careless and mess with platforms like Twitter.


Q:  What do you find are biggest stumbling blocks on Instagram and what are the best ways you’ve found to overcome them?

One of the biggest stumbling blocks on Instagram is growing the number of followers on it. I wish I was a hot looking girl and maybe then it could help me get a few million followers a bit more easily. The way I’ve found to overcome the problem is to focus more on my Twitter.


Q: What are the best 3 Tips you can give our readers who want to become Digital Influencers especially on Twitter?

I will give 4 tips!

  1. Create great content with photos and media.
  2. Advertise on Twitter.
  3. Don’t be miserly in following people.
  4. Get verified on Twitter


Q:  Which photography gear to you use for your photos?

My iPhone 8 Plus is great.


Q: What’s next for you? What are your future plans?

I wish to be the first Sikh in the world to travel to every country of the world. My actions are not consistent to that but that’s something I wish to achieve. I didn’t join Twitter to be an influencer but that’s what was in store for me. I am focusing on my family business and will continue to follow my social media passion for sure and explore what’s out there for me.


Q: Where can our readers follow your activities, what are your other Social Media Accounts like Instagram, Facebook….?

My instagram is: Harjinderkukreja

My FB page is: Facebook.com/HarjinderSinghKukreja


Thank you so much Harjinder for your valuable time!


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