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15 Venice and Triest Instagramers you should be following

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Its hard not to love Venice and Trieste. Both cities are so different but very charming in their very own way. Wether you spend a day, a weekend or even a week thoroughly planning the trip to Venice and Trieste makes a lot of fun and makes sure you will enjoy every moment of your stay. There so many exciting things you can do in these cities, so many wonderful places to visit, but what what are the best ones to choose from? When planning a trip I usually search the internet, buy travel guides and ask friends for their recommendations. But there is an additional source of great inspiration; It is the popular photo sharing platform Instagram.

Here are my Top 15 Venice and Trieste Instagramers to follow for your perfect Italian travel inspirations:


Michele Grimaz

Trieste, Italy | [email protected] | Snapchat: Mighele_g | More stuff on @mighele_daily and on my tumblr bit.ly/migheleontour


Fabrice Gallina

Trieste-Italy Iphonography  Creator??#MyPicSong ?one pic one song? [email protected]



A. / @ildrastico

Un giornalaio con l’anima in flanella. ? Trieste/Palermo – Italy ✉️ [email protected]


Marco Pilia

Trieste | Friuli | Italy Shot and edited on iPhone 6 (formerly iPhone 4S) www.facebook.com/marco.pilia



Lorenzo Cinotti

Editorial director, musician, instagrammer [email protected] www.veneziadavivere.com



Marco Gaggio

Architect, photographer and traveller Born in Venice, Italy ? snapchat: neu.marc ? [email protected]




Loving beauty in art and nature [email protected] snapchat psychodreaming



Marco Valmarana

25 | Venice based, Italy ? | marcovalmarana ✉ | marcovalmara[email protected] ? | Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge steller.co/marcovalmarana/



Settimo Cannatella *

Italian traveller, Venice lover, @IgersVenezia member, web designer and seo consult in Venice (Italy) ✉️ [email protected]


Riccardo Rizzetto | Venice

? Venice, Italy ?? ? Architecture student at IUAV ? Urban landscapes + food + life ✏️ [email protected] ?Snapchat:riccardorizz www.facebook.com/Rizzetto.Riccardo



The contemporary storyteller of Venice, Italy, through the shots of Biennale, events, parties and art exhibitions! www.veneziadavivere.com



➖ a visual diary between Paris and Venice ➖ loves food, books, flowers and walking for hours ? [email protected] | ? labettarossa



R i c c a r d o Z a n u t t o

18 | Venice based | World traveler Iphone 6s plus | Canon EOS 6D | DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Snapchat: riccizanzi Collabs: [email protected] steller.co/s/5dsW28SvTjB


Jacopo De Michelis

Fiction Editor-in-Chief – Venice, Italy – Nokia Lumia 930 / iPad Air – member of @tv_buildings @tv_pointofview geidiemme.vsco.co/



Travel | Food | Architecture | Life style [Sony a7s?+iPhone 6] Two cities in my heart: Venice & Istanbul





iPhone only // Italy, Venice based


Hope you enjoyed my selection of Instagramers to follow. If you have anybody to add please let me know in the comments.


Thanks for wonderful cooperation with Mazda Austria and Christoph Teufel


and wonderful photographer Claudio.x



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